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A type of torture in which the victim’s head or body is immersed in excrement and urine
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Summary: A Royal Navy serviceman has been arrested over a shooting on board a nuclear-powered submarine.
A British Royal Navy nuclear-powered submarine has run aground off the coast of northwest Scotland, a spokesman at Britain's ministry of defence said.
Navy vessels - a nuclear-powered submarine and an amphibious ship - collided during the early morning hours Friday in the Strait of Hormuz between Iran and the Arabian peninsula
nuclear-powered submarine, the Foreign Ministry said.
Fleet spokesman Igor Dygalo said: "During sea trials of a nuclear-powered submarine the fire-fighting system went off, killing 20 people."
The Vanguard-class nuclear-powered submarine is capable of carrying up to 16 Trident II D5 missiles armed with up to 12 nuclear warheads
A CDMA pico cell is to be fitted on USS Oklahoma City, a nuclear-powered submarine, to enable cell phones to be used during the Good Morning America television broadcast from ABC.
He concluded that the science and physics were well enough understood to develop a nuclear-powered submarine. He believed the project would be mostly a matter of solving engineering problems.
Further problems arise when the book briefly describes the path that took Vyborny from being an ordinary high school graduate to becoming a crewmember of NR-1--the Navy's smallest and most mysterious nuclear-powered submarine. The authors certainly do not devote excessive space to this part of the tale, but their telling of Vyborny's early story is just a bit too self-conscious and self-effacing, lacking the easy confidence and pride that characterizes much of the rest of the book.
The Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority has said that there is no sign of increased radioactivity in fish from the Barents Sea after the sinking of a Russian nuclear-powered submarine in August.
Reports from a summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in December 2002 also indicated that negotiations are moving forward for India to lease at least one Russian-made Akula-11 class nuclear-powered submarine, capable of carrying a payload of nuclear cruise missiles.
A Russian nuclear-powered submarine sank during a storm in the Barents Sea today, killing at least two of the 10-member crew.