nuclear sap

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The fluid or gellike substance of the nucleus in which the chromatin material, nucleolus, and other particulate elemnets of the nucleus are suspended.
[karyo- + L. lympha, clear water]

nuclear sap

nuclear sap

An old term for the contents of a cell's nucleus.
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pertaining to a nucleus.

nuclear bag fibers
fibers found in neuromuscular spindles; have an extensive nerve supply.
nuclear chain fibers
fibers, which like nuclear bag fibers, are found in neuromuscular spindles; shorter but more numerous than the bag variety.
nuclear ground substance, nuclear matrix
the matrix substance in a nucleus, surrounded by the limiting membrane.
nuclear imaging
nuclear index
nuclear medicine technologist
see radiological technologist.
nuclear sap
soluble phase of the nuclear matrix.
nuclear veterinary medicine
see nuclear veterinary medicine.
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