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1 (in psychology) a family therapist who lets a family in therapy take the lead and then follows in that direction.
2 (in radiology) a cubicle in which radioisotopes are artificially produced.

reactor (rēak´tur),

n an apparatus in which nuclear fission may be sustained in a self-supporting reaction at a controlled rate.


an animal that reacts positively to a particular test.

false positive reactor
an animal that does not have the subject disease but reacts positively to a test for it.
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In exchange, the United States, with financial backing from South Korea and Japan, would provide two light-water nuclear reactors for electricity (explicitly allowed under the NPT), a huge supply of fuel oil, and a pledge not to invade North Korea.
He was referring to a 1994 agreement under which North Korea is to freeze its nuclear weapons program in exchange for two light-water nuclear reactors to generate electricity.
The medical argument for the reactor has more than a hint of hyperbole about it, especially considering that in August 1999 the Parliamentary Public Works Committee stated that the new nuclear reactor was primarily needed for `national security'.
Nuclear reactors, which split atoms of the radioactive elements uranium and plutonium to create nuclear energy, currently produce 20 percent of all electricity in the U.
Safety has been compromised at nuclear reactors throughout the United States, with more than 90 percent of the country's reactors run in violation of government safety regulations over the past three years, an August Public Citizen study concluded.
India currently has eight 220-mw nuclear reactors in operation, while four more are in the final stages of construction.
Over the years, Roesch used potent chemical degreasers, like trichloroethylene, to clean valves, pumps and pipes used in rocket tests and nuclear reactors - often without gloves or other protective gear.
With the boom in the nuclear power industry in China, it is no wonder that the demand for nuclear reactor coolant pumps is also at an all-time high in the country.
High levels of radioactivity were found for the first time in groundwater at the Santa Susana Field Lab where nuclear reactors were tested beginning in the late 1940s, federal officials said Wednesday.
France is in the process of constructing its first Generation III nuclear reactor and is already planning for the construction of a second reactor.
Cooper will offer the first systematic framework for evaluating the nuclear reactor early-retirement risk, identifying 39 U.
said Thursday it has shipped its first major component for a nuclear reactor to be built in the United States.

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