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has shared intelligence with the agency that identifies the structure as a nearly completed nuclear reactor that, if finished, would have been able to produce plutonium for the fissile core of nuclear warheads.
World statistics show there are around 440 nuclear reactors now which provide about 16 per cent of global electricity needs.
Coopers analysis of more than three dozen cost estimates for proposed new nuclear reactors shows that the projected price tags for the plants have quadrupled since the start of the industry's so-called "Nuclear Renaissance" at the beginning of this decade, a striking parallel to the eventually sevenfold increase in reactor cost estimates that doomed the "Great Bandwagon Market" of the 1960s and 1970s, when half of the planned reactors had to be abandoned or canceled due to massive cost overruns.
I don't know if it had anything to do with'' radiation from the nuclear reactor meltdown, Huff said.
The process of turning uranium into fuel for nuclear reactors can be easily modified to produce uranium for nuclear bombs.
As the subtitle makes clear (and the Day-Glo colors of the cover nicely reinforce), the suburban Detroit 16-yearold set out to build a model nuclear reactor in the backyard potting shed--and he got pretty far, too.
The North Koreans, perhaps realizing that they had once again boxed themselves into a diplomatic corner, decided to replay the crisis of 1994: In late December, they expelled the international weapons inspectors, restarted the nuclear reactor at Yongbyon, and unlocked the container holding the fuel rods.
North Korea announced that it would re-start the small, five megawatt nuclear reactor shut down under the Agreed Framework and resume construction of two larger reactors that was frozen under the agreement.
North Korea has reactivated its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon within the last 24 hours, a US official said, raising the stakes in its diplomatic posturing with the United States.
The Finnish parliament has approved a government proposal to build a new commercial nuclear reactor in Finland.
The light-water nuclear reactor project has been undertaken by the Korean Peninsula Energy Development Organization, an international consortium comprising the European Union, Japan, South Korea and the U.
The federal government has decided Australia needs a new nuclear reactor -- in a Sydney suburb.

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