nuclear reaction

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nu·cle·ar re·ac·tion

the interaction of two atomic nuclei or of one such with a subatomic particle, or of the subatomic particles within an atomic nucleus, resulting in a change in the nature of the nuclei concerned or in the energy content of the nuclei or both, usually manifested by transmutation (accompanied by emission of alpha-, beta-, and/or gamma-rays) or by fission or fusion of the nuclei.
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511 megaelectronvolts (MeV) - the energy signature you'd expect to see from positrons and electrons after a nuclear reaction.
Nuclear Reaction Data Center Network, Experimental Nuclear Reaction Data (EXFOR/CSISRS), http://www.
But a closer inspection reveals grain boundaries that can trap freed electrons, which means one would not see a current pulse to indicate a nuclear reaction in the detector, explained McGinnis.
3 : produced by a nuclear reaction <nuclear energy>
If water was to come into contact with that uranium it could set off a nuclear reaction.
Having received an electronic copy of the bomb's blueprint from Los Alamos, Sandia engineers would design everything else for the weapon, from its aluminum casing to its parachute to the high explosive charge needed to set off the nuclear reaction.
In some Standard Fire Policy states, statutes allow insurers to exclude loss or damage caused by nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination directly or indirectly resulting from an insured peril.
To trigger a nuclear reaction inside a reactor, a speeding neutron collides with the nucleus of a uranium atom.
Ma Xuquan of Qinghua University's Institute of Nuclear Research said the chances of an accident ''will be nil'' as the nuclear reaction can be automatically slowed down if the accumulated heat reaches a set security limit, according to the report.
Hau's diary indicates that by this time scientists from the Chungshan Institute of Technology in charge of the program had already achieved a controlled nuclear reaction, the last step before constructing a bomb.
THE serious accidental nuclear reaction unleashed after an explosion at a uranium processing plant in Japan has been contained, the authorities said today.
Radiation levels near the plant shot up to 10,000 times normal after three workers triggered a nuclear reaction.

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