nuclear pore

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nu·cle·ar pore

an octagonal opening, about 70 nm across, where the inner and outer membranes of the nuclear envelope are continuous.

nuclear pore

one of many perforations in the NUCLEAR MEMBRANE of cells, allowing ribosomes and mRNA to leave the nucleus, and ATP, nucleotides, etc. to enter.


a small opening or empty space.

nuclear pore
a group of proteins with a central hole through which molecules pass through a nuclear membrane.
dilated pore of Winer
a benign follicular tumor that occurs on the head and neck of older cats; they resemble epidermal cysts with a keratin filled, wide opening (pore).
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The work "indicates that Crm1p interacts with these nuclear pore components and delivers its cargo--Rev, for example--to the pore," concludes Rosbash.
In the new work, the researchers focused on one particular nucleoporin called Nup153, which is known to rapidly move on and off of the nuclear pore complex, suggesting it might be doing something other than providing structural support to the pore.
A part of the HIV virus called the capsid protein, acting like a key, binds to Nup358, a protein on the nuclear pore complex, unlocking the gateway and granting the virus access to the DNA.
Rome still holds that vaults move about the cytoplasm, periodically docking at nuclear pore complexes to pick up strands of mRNA for transport.
Discovery of Networks of Interacting Proteins at the Nuclear Pore Complex Using Automated MALDI-TOF/TOF MS
There are also data suggesting that nuclear pore size and nuclear transport rates are being affected at the nucleus.
The nucleus having nuclear membrane is encircled by a double layered membrane; named as nuclear envelope having nuclear pores on it that allow protein to pass and the space between the membranes is known as perinuclear space.
The barrier between nucleus and cytoplasm is usually controlled by cellular gateways called nuclear pores, which selectively import and export the molecular ingredients for life to and from the nucleus.