nuclear medicine imaging

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nuclear medicine imaging

; NMI tissue-imaging techniques using gamma ray-emitting radioactive isotopes to diagnose early-stage soft-tissue pathologies, tumours, infection, trauma effects and degenerative changes

nuclear medicine imaging,

n the diagnostic imaging field that evaluates organ function by injecting isotopes into a structure and documenting the amount of radiation emanating from the tissues.
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Delivery of the software package that require special analyzes of nuclear medicine imaging recordings.
European Market for Nuclear Medicine Imaging Modularities
Work was also completed on a new Nuclear Medicine Imaging Service at Perth Royal Infirmary in 2011 which, coupled with the new development at Ninewells, is providing the necessary capacity to meet the increasing demands on the services across Tayside.
Commenting on the transaction, Rani Cohen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Orbotech, said, "We believe that a company such as GE will now be very well placed to pursue, and bring to successful commercialization, the cutting edge CZT technology developed by OMS for use in nuclear medicine imaging applications.
com/research/ef1d3a/the_20092014_outl) has announced the addition of the "The 2009-2014 Outlook for Nuclear Medicine Imaging Equipment in Asia" report to their offering.
Syntermed, a privately owned Atlanta-based nuclear medicine imaging and informatics software company, transformed the nuclear imaging field by being the first to offer PET and SPECT software programs untethered from imaging hardware.
Mo-99 is used in Lantheus Medical Imaging's TechneLite([R]) (Technetium Tc99m Generator) generators, which are sold throughout the world, and which produce Tc-99m, a medical isotope widely used in nuclear medicine imaging.
The nuclear medicine imaging community continues to face challenges with Cardiac SPECT due to Molybdenum shortages, cuts in reimbursement and an increase in operational costs.
The Non-Invasive nature of nuclear medicine imaging systems makes it favorable for physicians and patients alike, and demand for nuclear medicine is dramatically on the rise.

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