nuclear matrix

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nu·cle·ar ma·trix

the network of protein fibers both around the outside of the nucleus as well as inside the nucleus.
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Groucho/TLE/R-esp proteins associate with the nuclear matrix and repress RUNX (CBF (alpha)/AML/PEBP2(alpha)) dependent activation of tissue-specific gene transcription.
The 0 decay rate can be expressed as a product of independent factors: the phase-space factors, the nuclear matrix elements (NME) and a function of the masses of the neutrino species.
Unlike the Fourier transform of this transformation, discrete cosine transform, orthogonal transformation, which transforms the transform kernel is fixed, while the KL transform is a collection of images with different statistical properties of the nuclear matrix have different transformations that transform the nuclear matrix is a collection of images to determine the statistical properties, so the discrete KL transform is a transformation based on the demographic characteristics of the image.
Patients were prospectively evaluated in terms of urinary symptomatology, physical examination, smoking habits, intravenous pyelography (IVP), abdominal ultrasonography (USG), Nuclear Matrix Protein 22 (NMP22), urine cytology and NMP22 BladderChek[R] test.
Recently, measurement of the nuclear matrix protein 22 (NMP22) in urine samples has come to the forefront as a cost-efficient point-of-care proteomic assay that could be used to detect UCB.
Contributors shed light on research into basic biology and regulatory mechanisms controlling prostate cancer growth and its implications for new therapeutic interventions, in areas including cell adhesion molecules, the use of the nuclear matrix, and the prostate-specific membrane antigen.
However, some researchers suggest that the most convincing explanation for hyperthermia's effects is that the cellular nuclear matrix is damaged by heat.
We have evaluated numerous potential markers for cervical cancer and believe that nuclear matrix proteins, particularly NMP179, represent the best technology to combine with our equipment.
6,162,608 for the detection of cancer in body fluid samples, including blood, urine, spinal fluid and sputum, using the company's proprietary fluid-based nuclear matrix protein technology.
The test uses the company's proprietary NMP66 blood screen, which correlates levels of nuclear matrix protein (NMP) in body fluids with the presence of cancer.
Among these, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for monitoring of patients with bladder cancer has been given to nuclear matrix protein (NMP) 22, fibrin /fibrinogen degradation product (FDP), and bladder tumor antigen (BTA; Table 1).
Tumor markers used in this study were the nuclear matrix protein (Matritech NMP-22) and the bladder tumor antigen (Bard BTA), which are commercially available, and the telomerase assay (TRAP) which is currently under investigation.

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