nuclear matrix

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nu·cle·ar ma·trix

the network of protein fibers both around the outside of the nucleus as well as inside the nucleus.
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BLCA-4 is a nuclear matrix protein specifically expressed in bladder tumor tissue, discovered by Getzenberg et al.
Groucho/TLE/R-esp proteins associate with the nuclear matrix and repress RUNX (CBF (alpha)/AML/PEBP2(alpha)) dependent activation of tissue-specific gene transcription.
Christopher-Stine et al., "Most patients with cancer-associated dermatomyositis have antibodies to nuclear matrix protein NXP-2 or transcription intermediary factor 1[gamma]," Arthritis and Rheumatism, vol.
Early studies demonstrated that pRB is a component of nuclear matrix, which consists of highly compartmentalized and insoluble nonchromatin structures [103].
Nuclear matrix elements (NMEs) [M.sup.0v] for 0v[beta][beta] decay are crucial for extracting neutrino properties from DBD experiments.
Screening methods in the detection of bladder cancer: Comparison of nuclear matrix protein-22, bladder tumor antigen and cytological examinations [in Japanese].
It has been demonstrated that hyperthermia induces unfolding of the nuclear matrix and the subsequent changes in the binding of the specific proteins to the matrix, which may play an important role in hyperthermic killing of the tumor cells (Roti Roti et al.
Unlike the Fourier transform of this transformation, discrete cosine transform, orthogonal transformation, which transforms the transform kernel is fixed, while the KL transform is a collection of images with different statistical properties of the nuclear matrix have different transformations that transform the nuclear matrix is a collection of images to determine the statistical properties, so the discrete KL transform is a transformation based on the demographic characteristics of the image.
Patients were prospectively evaluated in terms of urinary symptomatology, physical examination, smoking habits, intravenous pyelography (IVP), abdominal ultrasonography (USG), Nuclear Matrix Protein 22 (NMP22), urine cytology and NMP22 BladderChek[R] test.

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