nuclear fusion

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nu·cle·ar fu·sion

the formation of more complex atomic nuclei from less complex nuclei with release of energy, as in the formation of helium nuclei from hydrogen nuclei (hydrogen fusion).
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nuclear fusion

Joining of the nucleus of small atoms to form larger atoms. It occurs when temperatures reach millions of degrees. An example is the nuclear reaction joining hydrogen together to form helium and resulting in the significant release of energy.
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It also has about a hundred plasma physicists and about 150 scientists with doctorates in fields related to nuclear fusion "so they clearly have a serious academic program," he said.
The National Ignition Facility is pushing towards the goal of nuclear fusion. They are testing at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory with an inertial confinement reactor.
The Iter nuclear fusion project is a case in point.
"Intel is convinced that Exascale computing will represent a major technological advance for the scientific community working on Nuclear Fusion projects.
Such a failure to invest in nuclear fusion may not be a conspiracy of vested interests, but more a case of the insurmountable hurdles of the technology itself.
From the advances in laser-confinement geeks over at places like the Central Laser Facility (CFL) in the UK or the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in the USA to Tokomaks like the ITER project in France to the new efforts like the joint project between MIT and Columbia University, we seem to be getting ever-closer to the holy grail of commercial nuclear fusion.
A top Iranian official said on Saturday that Tehran was conducting studies into building an experimental nuclear fusion reactor, which if successful would be the first such plant in the world.
On Saturday, Iran revived a long-suspended nuclear fusion programme started during the time of Reza Pahlavi, the late Iranian Shah toppled by the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
Summary: TEHRAN, July 24, 2010, SPA -- Iran said on Saturday it planned to build an experimental nuclear fusion reactor, state television reported, at a time when the West is demanding that Tehran suspend sensitive nuclear work, according to Reuters.
Summary: The European Union is facing a funding battle for an experiment to commercialise nuclear fusion - the process that powers the sun.
SEOUL: North Korea, one of the world s poorest countries, said on Wednesday it had succeeded in creating a nuclear fusion reaction to produce energy, a claim called absurd by nuclear experts.

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