nuclear fusion

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nu·cle·ar fu·sion

the formation of more complex atomic nuclei from less complex nuclei with release of energy, as in the formation of helium nuclei from hydrogen nuclei (hydrogen fusion).

nuclear fusion

Joining of the nucleus of small atoms to form larger atoms. It occurs when temperatures reach millions of degrees. An example is the nuclear reaction joining hydrogen together to form helium and resulting in the significant release of energy.
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1. the act or process of melting.
2. the merging or coherence of adjacent parts or bodies.
3. the operative formation of an ankylosis or arthrosis.

diaphyseal-epiphyseal fusion
operative establishment of bony union between the epiphysis and diaphysis of a bone.
nerve fusion
nerve anastomosis done to induce regeneration for resupplying empty tracts of a nerve with new growth of fibers.
nuclear fusion
the fusion of two atomic nuclei to form a single heavier nucleus, resulting in the release of enormous amounts of energy.
spinal fusion
surgical creation of ankylosis between contiguous vertebrae; spondylosyndesis.
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It is also anticipated that the hydrophobic platinum catalyst manufacturing technology used for this catalyst could be applied to a wide range of fields other than nuclear fusion research.
Ali-Akbar Salehi, the chief of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization, said 50 Iranian scientists were already at work on nuclear fusion.
There have been specious claims over the years of scientists saying they have found a perpetual energy source through nuclear fusion that have later been refuted.
Nuclear fusion represents the holy grail of energy production.
They can now increase the power of the lasers until nuclear fusion is achieved.
A visit to one of Europe's largest nuclear fusion plants in the making at Garching near Munich, left no doubt in my mind that scientists are indeed serious about this future energy source.
9 billion earmarked for nuclear fusion and Euro 517 million for Joint Research Centre nuclear studies.
And he claims to have achieved nuclear fusion - combining atoms to create energy - for the first time this week.
It reads like a science fiction, but yesterday a landmark international treaty launched a pounds 7 billion nuclear fusion energy research project to achieve exactly this goal.
8 billion pact Tuesday for a nuclear fusion reactor that could "revolutionize global energy use for future generations.
The first research of nuclear fusion in Iran was done five years ago", said Sadat Hosseini, who runs the technical department at the Nuclear Research Centre of Iran's Atomic Energy Organisation.
Iran has conducted research into nuclear fusion, an Iranian nuclear official said.

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