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Nuclear fission is a man-made deliberately-produced nuclear reaction, achieved with the help of neutrons and hence UNIT also follows the same methodology for inducing fission reaction in the fuel atoms filled in a portion of the sub-chamber.
The imminent second nuclear era requires the introduction of inherently more efficient, safer, cheaper, nuclear fission power.
Boiling-water reactors like the ones at the Fukushima Daiichi plant use heat from nuclear fission to make steam, which powers a turbine to generate electricity.
Nuclear fission was a great boon for radiochemists, even though a lot of it was done in war-time secrecy.
Sustainable energy sources are needed urgently in Wales, not expensive, environmentally hazardous and speculative nuclear fission power.
NASA engineers are exploring the possibility of a nuclear fission power plant to provide electricity for a lunar or Martian outpost.
One pamphlet covers its Euro 287 million budgets for nuclear fission and radiation protection research; the other the Euro 1.
Plow Dynamite Insulin Film Safety belt Telegraph Aspirin Telephone Light bulb and more Discovered Radium Elevator brake Artificial heart Personal computer Controlled nuclear fission Swim fins and more
Health officials did not test for Strontium 90 (Sr-90), a radioactive carcinogenic byproduct of nuclear fission.
Yet in the end, it doesn't matter whether he stands on the sideline like chiseled marble or nuclear fission.
They, too, had lives to live--lives perhaps so vibrant that nothing short of nuclear fission would extinguish them.
To understand the suite of options offered by the new breed of nuclear fission machines, we need to know how they work.

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