nuclear chemistry

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nu·cle·ar chem·is·try

the science concerned with the chemistry of nuclear reactions and processes.

nuclear chemistry

Radiochemistry; the study of changes that take place within the nucleus of an atom, esp. when the nucleus is bombarded by electrons, neutrons, or other subatomic particles.
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Gordon, all of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA, resulted in the definitive "FFGY" paper - the single most cited one in nuclear chemistry during the 1960s.
No sooner had he brought the nuclear chemistry laboratory into a highly productive and harmonious unit than he was called to become director of research and laboratories at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna (1963-1965).
Gerhart Friedlander [9], co-organizer of a recent symposium entitled 'Centennial of the Discovery of Radioactivity' in the Division of Nuclear Chemistry & Technology of the American Chemical Society, has described the overall effect of Becquerel's contribution as follows: "The discovery of radioactivity was the opening salvo that led to the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, and in a very real sense, it was the beginning of the whole fields of nuclear physics and particle physics.
We believe our collaboration with Altair and their ability to economically produce large quantities of high quality titanium dioxide nanoparticles could provide an effective solution to a problem that has thwarted the nation's nuclear chemistry applications and effective disposal efforts for its by-products.
He received a bachelor of science degree in chemistry and physics at the University of Michigan (1947) and a master of science degree in nuclear chemistry from MIT (1950).
He holds a bachelor's degree from Dartmouth and a doctorate in nuclear chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley.
The performance of Solef(R) PVDF is recognized in such diverse industries as: semiconductor manufacture, plating and surface finishing, oil & gas production, pharmaceutical manufacture, metal refining, nuclear chemistry, and the manufacture of wire & cable.
His areas of expertise include electronic materials, display technology, materials characterization and nuclear chemistry.
A graduate of Dartmouth College, Levy also holds a doctorate in nuclear chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley.

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