nuclear chemistry

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nu·cle·ar chem·is·try

the science concerned with the chemistry of nuclear reactions and processes.

nuclear chemistry

Radiochemistry; the study of changes that take place within the nucleus of an atom, esp. when the nucleus is bombarded by electrons, neutrons, or other subatomic particles.
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His laboratory became the major training centre for nuclear chemists in Canada and a mecca for researchers from all over the world.
Other Texas A&M researchers have examined the liquid in some of Appleby's cells and may have detected mysteriously high amounts of tritium -- a triple-heavy atomic isotope of hydrogen and a possible fusion product, says nuclear chemist Kevin L.
Also last week, nuclear chemist James Mahaffey and his colleages at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta reported observing an excess of neutrons sputtering from their fusion experiment -- a more direct sign of electrochemically induced deuterium fusions.
The palladium should have become radioactive and everything else around it should have become radioactive," remarks nuclear chemist Glenn T.
se) is a collaborative group of interdisciplinary researchers (oncologists, radiation physicists, nuclear chemists, biologists) centered at the University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, focused on development strategies for the treatment of disseminated cancer using alpha-particle emitters.
The nuclear chemists created a sample of element 114 by bombarding a plutonium target with a beam of calcium ions.

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