nuclear Overhauser effect

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nu·cle·ar O·ver·hau·ser ef·fect (NOE),

an enzyme seen in nuclear magnetic resonance in which there is a through-space nearest-neighbor interaction.
[Albert W. Overhauser]
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The Conformation of NaAD Bound to NAD-Synthetase Determined by Transferred Nuclear Overhauser Effect Spectroscopy.
Russell Bell, FCIC, widely known for his early studies of the use of the nuclear Overhauser effect in organic structure elucidation by NMR, is currently involved with the synthesis and NMR spectroscopy of heteroaromatic cyclophanes, focusing on the aromatic heterobases present in RNA and DNA.
The reader learns of the growing application of NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) to the study of protein structure, with its 3 pulse schemes, COSY (correlation spectroscopy), TOCSY (total correlation spectroscopy), and NOESY (nuclear Overhauser effect spectroscopy).

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