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On top of the subsequent and concurrent exposure to a number of cardiovascular noxae, the patient experiences lifestyle changes.
8) Further, ancient Greeks and Roman city states used extradition agreements, which relied on the concept of noxae deditio.
It is associated with worsening of cardiac function after long-term exposure to noxae.
A este principio general, Mendo anade matices complementarios: recomienda no ejecutar el castigo con aceleracion (emblema 28, Cunctandum inpoenis), moderar en ocasiones el rigor de las leyes (emblema 29, Regum Tribunal), aplicar medios suaves antes de llegar a los castigos rigurosos (emblema 30, Temperandum prius quam puniendum), proporcionar los castigos a las culpas (emblema 32, Noxae sit aequa punitio) y perdonar a los enemigos que se rinden (emblema 47).
XXVI, 10, 5: uerum paulo postea cognita leui praesumptione Marcelli, milites missi sunt audaces et prompti, qui eum raptum, ut deditum noxae mancipium, in custodiam conpegerunt.
42) La noxae deditio se configuraba cuando la conducta hubiere sido cometida por un animal, un esclavo o una persona sujeta a potestad.
1; com efeito, tambem nos fragmentos em questao tal comportamento devera ser conservado por todo o decurso da usucapiao; se o verdadeiro proprietario oferecer a litis aestimatio ao que recebeu conscientemente a noxae deditio de quem era somente possuidor de boa fe, se o marido doador oferecer a restituicao do preco aquele que comprou da mulher donataria, o comprador nao pode furtar-se a receber e a usucapiao cessa.
The effect of occupational exposure to respiratory noxae in the tobacco industry on the status of pulmonary ventilation [in Serbo-Croation (Roman); English abstract].
Minor fuit ipsa infamia vero" [the ill report was less bad than the truth], the god found; and, since "longa mora est quantum noxae sit ubique reperrum / enumerare" [it were long to tell how much damage everywhere was found] (214-15), Juppiter recounts the assault on him of the tyrannus Lycaon, and his punishment of him by a metamorphosis in beluam, of a sort appropriate to the improbitas at issue, reflecting the savage nature of Lycaon's crimes Cnunc quoque sanguine gaudet").
Topics include the role of skin protection in the prevention of skin disease, Galenical principles in skin protection, testing for safety and efficacy of products, protection from irritants and allergens as well as from toxicants and sunlight, the impact of physical noxae, and protection from a combination of damaging factors.
Hydrogels save the wound from fluid loss, are capable of providing the lesion with additional moisture, and securely protect it against external noxae [3-5].
The observed association of the IUGR risk with particulate matter could be explained due to the close correlation between both noxae, particles and PAHs, irrespective of the real effects of particles.