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There was happiness in that but it was tame compared to the novelty of being "select.
For some time he engrossed the general attention, and Anna Pavlovna felt that the novelty she had served up was received with pleasure by all her visitors.
Rushworth was of the first consequence to his lady; and Julia was quite as eager for novelty and pleasure as Maria, though she might not have struggled through so much to obtain them, and could better bear a subordinate situation.
It was true, his bizarre judgments troubled her in the moments they were uttered, but she ascribed them to his novelty of type and strangeness of living, and they were soon forgotten.
The novelty has not quite worn away, I confess," the marquis went on; "perhaps it never will, entirely.
However," said she, "I have novelty to recommend a kitchen; for I do not believe I ever eat in one before.
WHEN I told the king I was going out disguised as a petty freeman to scour the country and familiarize myself with the humbler life of the people, he was all afire with the novelty of the thing in a minute, and was bound to take a chance in the adven- ture himself -- nothing should stop him -- he would drop everything and go along -- it was the prettiest idea he had run across for many a day.
The work was slow; it lacked the interest of novelty for me, because I had seen the ceremonies before; the thing soon became tedious, but the proprieties required me to stick it out.
Novelty in society and adventure were the zest of life to Richard C
It bore no emblem of the deceased's birth or quality, for armorial bearings were then a novelty among the Norman chivalry themselves and, were totally unknown to the Saxons.
Does prioritizing novelty naturally lead to this point?
Combining the IMAGEN research with a psychological and behavioral test, researchers were able to split the adolescents into two groups including one group of 72 teens who were found to have high novelty-seeking tendencies and the other 72 who ranked low in novelty seeking tendencies.