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Intellectually, not sensuously or emotionally, intuitional; relating to the object of pure thought divorced from all concepts of time or space.
[G. nooumenos, perceived, fr. noeō, to perceive, think]
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At this point the self-aware self has moved to the third dharma-world, the "the unobstructed interpenetration of noumenon and phenomena.
It can be argued that both Nietzsche and Paglia obscure Schopenhauer's metaphysical distinction between will and representation, noumenon and phenomenon, by clothing it in the mythical form of individual Greek gods, since they try to represent in concrete, individual form the noumenon, which, by definition, is beyond representation and unknowable.
Therefore, if the latter, as Sgalambro says, contains that unbearable reality which consciousness has always repulsed away from its experience (and in fact, by definition, noumenon is that thing: "[.
Many Nikolais works have been reconstructed so far: Tent, Crucible, Tensile Involvement, Noumenon Mobilus, Imago, Blank on Blank, Mechanical Organ, Liturgies, Lythic, Pond, The Crystal, and The Sphere.
In Ferdinand de Saussure's (1959) binarist semiological reductionism, the phenomenon and noumenon dichotomy was accepted as existing prior to signification, and its linguistic derivation reasserted the categorial basis of Kant's (1989) phenomenalism.
For that reason we can justifiably think of a subject as a Ding-an-sich (thing in itself), or noumenon (16) which cannot be reduced to any representation or characterisation whatsoever.
it must have within itself a power that is super sensible, whose idea of a noumenon cannot be intuited but can yet be regarded as the substrate underlying what is mere appearance, namely our intuition of the world.
Within one's own body, in other words, phenomenon and noumenon are united and, as a consequence, the noumenal can be apprehended.
On the other, it claims to be able to mediate between the phenomenon and the noumenon (29) by authorizing action that will be uniform, accurate, and just for all.
The XMpLant technology, developed in conjunction with Noumenon Consulting Limited, will allow the translation of 3D PDS models into AVEVA's VANTAGE PDMS environment complete with their intelligent data.
Al-Attas makes clear that epistemology reflects ontology, for the "very essence" of man as the "epitome of Creation" is his "rationality which is the connecting link between him and Reality," (95) and hence the noumenon can be known, in contrast to Kant, for whom knowledge can only be of phenomena.
Although Kant had claimed that the noumenon "was not an object of our sensible intuition," he did argue that it was "an object of non-sensible intuition," (13) i.