advance beneficiary notice

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Advance Beneficiary Notice

A document signed by a patient accepting responsibility for paying for a test or diagnostic service which the patient’s primary care provider thinks is appropriate, but which Medicare may not think is appropriate under its “reasonable and necessary” standard.
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ad·vance ben·e·fic·i·ary no·tice

(ABN) (ăd-vans' ben'ĕ-fish'ē-ar-ē nō'tis)
A document signed by or on behalf of a patient that authorizes a care provider to bill the patient for services that Medicare may consider not medically necessary and may thereby decline to cover.
Synonym(s): notice of noncoverage.
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At Munger's practice in Overland Park, Kansas, staff members routinely ask patients who come in for a wellness visit to sign an "advance beneficiary notice of noncoverage" acknowledging that they understand Medicare may not pay for some of the services they receive.
(1) As noted above, the current Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage offers Option 2:"I want the [service] listed above, but do not bill Medicare.
The hospital is also required to provide the patient with How to Request a Review of the Notice of Noncoverage, which includes a general statement about the post-hospital services to which the patient is entitled.

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