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Forensic medicine Information on a pending court action–eg, a hearing Managed care See Advance beneficiary notice.


n a provision in some contracts allowing either party to inform the other that the contract must come to an end, usually by a specified date.


n 1. knowledge; information; awareness of facts.
v 2. the knowledge of facts that would naturally lead an honest and prudent person to make inquiry constitutes “notice” of everything that such inquiry pursued in good faith would disclose.
v 3. to observe.

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Q. at what age can you first notice adhd? does it have to appear as a learning disorder or can it be in a much younger age?

A. thanks guys, I'm afraid my niece has ADHD,she is only 4 years old but follows the symptoms I read here on imedix...I hope it isn't that though she is a very smart girl so I'm sure she'll be fine anyway...

Q. My son is addicted to alcohol which I recently noticed. Now what to do about him? Hi, I am Kennedy. My son is studying in a familiar University. He is addicted to alcohol which I recently noticed. Now what to do about him? Is there a way to get him back? I am upset with his behavior.

A. It is up to your son at this point,if he has a alcohol problem it is always better for him to ask for help,i feel for you.mrfoot56

Q. Hi members, after I notice that our symptoms match those of fibromyalgia. Hi members, after I notice that our symptoms match those of fibromyalgia, do we have to live with it and simply manage it for the rest of our life or try some luck with food and meds? Thanks.

A. If you could have given a particular age details then it could have been easy to analyze. This condition is relatively new, yet it's appearing in epidemic numbers. Dr. Whiting (an orthomolecular nutritionist), finds in his work with people suffering with this that they are all very toxic. When their systems have been properly detoxified their symptoms will disappear. His personal feeling is that this is a condition of hyper-toxicity and manifests itself in people who are unable to physically cope with the overload of toxins in their system.

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McClanahan of the Civil Court of the City of New York has ruled that the "Landaverde" holding, which requires property owners to add five days when serving notices to cure to tenants by mail, does not apply to service of the "Golub Notice.
Lenders issued an average of 3,500 default notices monthly from April though September across the state.
From the task force's findings, legally compliant privacy notices were written and mailed to policyholders beginning in January 2001.
Notice 2001-76 is effective for taxable years ending on or after December 31, 2001.
For example, the government may not want us to notice how many children go hungry each day, the size and composition of our prison inmate population, or the different standards we use for different nations when addressing their treatment of human rights.
Under such circumstances, employing a traditional search warrant, which requires notice at the time of execution, would be self-defeating.
Among the surveyed firms in the seven States, the incidence of advance general notice was much higher in manufacturing than nonmanufacturing industries (43 percent of layoffs versus 19 percent).
What can an employee do if dismissed without notice or payment in lieu of notice?
It ruled that Terrell had not demonstrated that the IRS did not send the first notice to her last known address, finding that the IRS acted with reasonable diligence to ascertain her last known address because, after the Post Office returned the first notice, the IRS searched its database, found Terrell's current address, and sent the second notice.
The CIBC Act sets forth the specific information that must be provided in the notice to the Board.