nothing by mouth

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nothing by mouth (NPO)

Etymology: L, nil per os, nothing by mouth
a patient care instruction advising that the patient is prohibited from ingesting food, beverage, or medicine. It is usually posted above the bed of a patient who is about to undergo surgery or special diagnostic procedures requiring that the digestive tract be empty or who is unable to tolerate food and fluids by mouth for some reason.

nothing by mouth

An instruction used in patient care to indicate that the patient is not to take or receive food, solids, liquid, or medicine orally. This order is usually indicated by the abbreviation NPO.
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Significant differences were found in the following areas: awareness of an oral care protocol for patients without a tracheostomy and not ventilated, and increased risk of patients allowed nothing by mouth (NPO) of developing NV-HAP.
No significant differences were found in patient age, orders for nothing by mouth, diet texture, and liquid consistency (see Table 3).
Her response would become a mind-numbing mantra: "More than eight hours had passed with the patient having nothing by mouth.
The patient is ordered to receive nothing by mouth (NPO); a nasogastric tube is inserted and placed on intermittent suction.
Farine and associates at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, compared outcomes for women who ate nothing by mouth (NPO) until bowel sounds returned with outcomes for women who determined when and what they wanted to eat soon after delivery.
The conventional feeding schedule consisted of nothing by mouth for 12-24 hours, advancing to clear liquids on the first postoperative day and then solid food on the second or third postoperative day, he explained.

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