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either aperture of the nose; see nares.
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, pl.


(nā'ris, -res), [TA]
Anterior opening to the nasal cavity.
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Either of the external openings of the nose; a naris.
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Anterior opening to either side of the nasal cavity.
Synonym(s): naris, prenaris.
[L. naris]
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One of the paired openings into the (SC)nose(D) that contains hairs which can trap gross particulate matter in the inhaled air.
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an external opening of the nose leading into the nasal cavity.
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Now press your right nostril through right thumb inhaling fresh, pure energy through the left nostril.
An inter-examiner agreement was not present for the philtral width, nasal tip protrusion, nostril floor width, and the non-cleft side medial nostril height and cleft-side lateral nostril height measured on both plaster models and 3D digital images.
Autonomic nervous system has two components - Pingala nadi (subtle energy channel of the sympathetic nervous system) corresponding to right nostril breathing, Ida nadi (parasympathetic nervous system) corresponding to the left nostril breathing, and sushumna nadi (central energy channel) corresponding to the bilateral nostril breathing.
Nadi Shodhana involves putting your thumb over one nostril while taking in air through the other - then placing a finger over that nostril while breathing out through the opposite one.
Such is the case for a 51-year-old Chinese man who harbored a live thumb-sized leech on his right nostril for two weeks.
Both nostrils were examined and the right nostril was found to be roomier with good blast of air.
The anaesthetic was about to be turned off when a trickle of blood appeared at his left nostril.
Furthermore, the patency of the nostril is a very important factor in reducing injury to nasal passages.
It's always dra-matic and attention-grabbing when blood starts to pour out of a nostril or two, but should we be worried?
A 42-year-old woman in India was asleep when she felt a bug crawling in her nostril, according to ( The New Indian Express .
* Nadi-shodhana pranayama: Patient was instructed to use right thumb for right nostril and right third finger for left nostril.
Have the client block one of their nostrils and hold the ruler next the opened nostril.