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A little creature is inside the void, in-between the noseless face and the sumptuous appendage.
Only a man and woman can "found and maintain the base unit of society, the couple and ultimately the family as the tie across generations" (268), a line of descent stymied in the stasis of male-male affection and perverted in the lineage of noseless daughters begotten by the disfigured wife.
The compact cast (nine individuals covering 60-70 roles) creates a sense of immediacy and heightened (albeit distorted) realism, while conductor Patrick Bailey's scoring for his excellent band of just sixteen players generates transparent, brittle textures that communicate both the fragility of reason and the poignancy of Kovalyov's despair at his noseless condition.
Pale, hairless and noseless save for nostril slits, Ralph Fiennes makes the series' villain-of-villains a distinctive monster, remorseless and cunning, in a climactic scene that does not disappoint and will, like the dragon, prove frightening to impressionable youngsters.
And who could forget the short, little noseless yellow men which accompanied the classic bricks ( before they were overshadowed by Lego dolls, trains, radio-controlled cars and robots.
Those we see headless, limbless, noseless, lipless when we blink.
The man with nostrils is Mr Nose among the noseless (Hindi-Indian).
Noseless, enigmatic and - according to recent research into the water damage on its back - possibly far older than any of the Giza pyramids, the Sphinx sits quietly to the east of the plateau.
And men are always treated better: the werewolf bites the woman's nose off, but does not ever actually harm the knight from the country (197-204); the king banishes the woman but not the knight (305-8); and many of this couple's female descendants are born noseless (312-4), but none of the males (Bambeck 136).