nose pad

pad, nose 

One of a pair of protuberances attached to the bridge of a spectacle frame or mounting that rests against the side of the nose. Syn. nose pad.See bridge, pad; pince-nez; spectacle frame, metal.
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The glasses are made of high-grade polycarbonate lenses and feature ratcheting lens pitch adjustment, as well as an adjustable nose pad.
A CAT'S nose pad is the equivalent of a human's fingerprint - no two are ever the same.
The Dale NasoGastricTube Holder is a woven fabric nose pad that securely holds naso-gastric feeding and aspiration tubes such as Salem sump, Levin stomach, naso enteric feeding- and naso-gastric intestinal tubes, the company said.
Several characteristics such as the width of the face and nose pad, the length of the legs and the presence of oversized feet are indicators.
The N95 filtering facepieces, X-plore 1350, with a foam nose pad to ensure a good seal and textile elastic head straps, are available with or without climate control comfort exhalation valve in S/M and M/L sizes
Additional features include anti-fog coating to keep vision clear, comfortable rubber temples and nose pad as well as a bonus micro-fiber storage and cleaning bag.
The V-Bridge rubber nose pad has a wire core center so it's adjustable, and springloaded hinges fit a wide range of head sizes; rubber-tipped temple boots grip the head for added comfort and stability.
There are three basic ways glasses can be adjusted - by the temples, at the nose pad or at the end tips.
The eyewear, which is being promoted by actors Donna Mills and Elliot Gould, includes spring hinges and spring-loaded nose pad construction for greater comfort as well as nickel and silver alloys for increased durability.
Tenders are invited for Nose Pad Holder Liner To Dlw Drg.
The range is available in five versions: X-plore 1310 with secure foam nose pad with or without exhalation valves; X-plore 1320 with extra wide nose seal with or without exhalation valves; X-plore 1330 with integral facial seal.