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nor·val·ine (Nva),

(nōr-val'ēn, -vā'lēn),
α-Aminovaleric acid; the straight chain analogue of valine; not found in proteins.
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Orn, ornitihine; Cys, cystine; Deriv Peak, derivatization peak; Lys, lysine; Tyr, tyrosine; Met, methionine; Val, valine; Nva, norvaline (internal standard).
The amino acids were quantified using a norvaline internal standard against standard curves generated from traceable calibrators using the following ions and (qualifier ions): alanine--mz 130, sarcosine--mz 217, and norvaline--mz 158.
The biotechnology industry, which uses microorganisms to make therapeutically useful proteins such as insulin and human growth hormone, was distressed to discover that these proteins sometimes contained an abnormal amino acid, norvaline (it's not in our genetic code nor normally present in protein), and they wanted to eliminate it.