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demonstrating a geographical predilection.

northern black bullhead
a frog, called also Ictalurus melas, a paratenic host for the worm Dioctophyma renale.
northern forest grasstree
northern fowl mite
see ornithonyssussylviarum.
northern red oak
quercusrubra var. borealis.

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Q. If the bird flu were to reach North America, how many people would it kill? How do you protect yourself & others? What can we do to protect ourselves against the Avian Flu which has officially begun to infect humans? How many will die?

A. It infected few people working with chickens, it can
T move around, so I wouldn’t worry too much. the chances of that happening is the same as a meteor hitting earth and destroying it, same as a nuclear war in the middle east that will wipe out half of humanity, same as all big disasters that can happen.
Unless it’s your job to worry about it (world health organization) – just try to live peaceful life.

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The growing eminence of northernness as a cartographic signifier, as indicated above all by the European Union's Northern Dimension, enables a somewhat different positioning in time and place.
She said that traceNorth was part of Northern Stage's year-long investigation of Northernness.
And in some ways they're right," the father of three grown-up daughters admits in an accent richly flavoured with no-nonsense Northernness.
Beckie Darlington, project manager at Northern Stage, said: "Poetry is a passionate and captivating way of expressing emotion and we believe Sean O'Brien has added an extra dimension to our comprehensive northernness series.
Northernness is fish n' chips with mushy peas, black pudding for breakfast, calling anyone your mum's age "auntie", knowing tea is the meal after dinner and not a hot beverage and talking to people at bus-stops.
However, this sense of northernness is something that runs through a lot of my work and I keep coming back to the question of regional identity.
Is northernness an attitude, a state of mind or simply an accident of geography?
I've encountered some real xenophobic attitudes to northernness for some reason down there," he adds before finishing off his lime and soda.