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Denoting, characteristic of, or promoting euglycemia.
Synonym(s): normoglycemic


Denoting, characteristic of, or promoting euglycemia.
Synonym(s): normoglycemic, euglycaemic.


(nor″mō-glī-sē′mē-ă) [″ + Gr. glykys, sweet, + haima, blood]
Normal sugar content of the blood.
normoglycemic (-sē′mĭk), adjective
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Commence 10% dextrose water infusion to maintain normoglycaemia. This may be changed to a 50% dextrose infusion if required.
Normoglycaemia was defined as a blood glucose level below 11 mmol/L (without fasting).
Wang, "Lower serum uric acid level strongly predict short-term poor functional outcome in acute stroke with normoglycaemia: A cohort study in China," BMC Neurology, vol.
A basal and prandial/postprandial release of insulin to the blood stream--either from the pancreas or by means of exogenous administration--is essential in order to achieve normoglycaemia 24 hours/day.
Combined gastrin and epidermal growth factor treatment induces islet regeneration and restores normoglycaemia in C57Bl6/J mice treated with alloxan.
Prediabetes is a general term that refers to an intermediate stage between normoglycaemia and overt diabetes mellitus.
The primary goal of diabetes mellitus management is the attainment of near normoglycaemia. The importance of glycaemic control in reducing or delaying microvascular, renal, neuropathic and other complications of diabetes is well established.
Effect of near normoglycaemia for two years on progression of early diabetic retinopathy, nephropathy, andneuropathy: The Oslo Study.
Erasmus, "The 30-year cardiovascular risk profile of South Africans with diagnosed diabetes, undiagnosed diabetes, pre-diabetes or normoglycaemia: the Bellville, South Africa pilot study," Cardiovascular Journal of Africa, vol.
Patients with insulin resistance have hyperinsulinaemia together with normoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia.