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Pertaining to the normal or usual.
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In this respect, the question here is to what extent "normative power Europe" can be used as the template for a general model (if not theory) of normative power in world politics.
While there is experimental evidence to support the effect of global awareness on global citizenship identification (Reysen, Katzarska-Miller, Gibson, & Hobson, 2013), there is no research showing a cause and effect relationship between the perception of one's normative environment as global-oriented and global citizenship identification.
The paper further builds on Meyer and Parfyonova's (2010) call for a greater focus on normative commitment factors and a re-appraisal of their role in the workplace; a role that became largely overshadowed by affective commitment factors following the advent of the well-known Meyer et al.
Essentially, we are dealing with a range of ideas about the purposes and or consequences of journalism, often with a normative tendency expressed in prescriptions and assertions of how journalism ought optimally to be carried out [...].
This study examines the impact of internal marketing including the vision of organization and its HRM practices that influences the commitment of employees towards their organization including affective, normative and/or continuance organizational commitment.
The features and particularities of normative administrative act
Furthermore, Hayek's commitment to generality places strong normative limitations on the potentials of progressive redistributions.
The apparent generality of the WKR problem suggests that the class of right-kind reasons is wider than the class of normative reasons; the reasons that determine "fittingness" are not essentially normative in any sense stronger than that associated with any arbitrary standard of correctness.
The standardized Achenbach Adult Self-Report was administered to assess the psychological health of 77 index offspring from the community-based NLLFS; the sample was matched with the Achenbach normative sample of 77 U.S.
The Azerbaijani Justice Ministry was instructed to ensure that the regulatory and legal acts of the central executive authorities and normative acts are brought in line with the Law on the Free Economic Zone of Alat, and inform the Cabinet of Ministers.
Similarly, Gronhoj and Thogersen (2012) adopted the social norm theory to explain how normative influence within the family impacts on adolescents' proenvironmental behavior.