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Pertaining to the normal or usual.
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LeBar is willing to bite this bullet, but doing so does not chip his teeth, since we can speak as if the normative properties are present if the subvening properties are present.
Therefore, one of the major challenges to any theory of law is to systematically offer a methodology that distinguishes the conditions and characteristics of DAL and LEVs in separating positive standards from normative standards, which this paper terms as the 'integrated approach to law'.
H6: There will be greater normative influence for public luxuries than there will be for private necessities among young adults.
The heart of Hill's response to these problems is to argue that "the idea of human dignity" can be incorporated into "a two-level, Kantian normative theory" (185), which consists of holding both universal principles as well as more specific principles that can be derived from these universal ones and used in particular situations.
Members of normative groups, on the other hand, might subtly profit from singling out others as the effect to be explained, as suggested by the positive correlation observed here between right-handed participants' CSE and their tendency to focus on left-handers.
forbearance, on the one hand, and normative military necessity
Smith too, in his original challenge, argued that noncognitivism has too little structure to account for degrees of normative certitude.
And we welcome work that is conducted entirely within a given field or even sub-field, as long as it is written so as to be accessible to interested readers from other disciplines, and as long as its normative implications are clear or made explicit.
This scale measured commitment in three components namely affective, normative and continuance commitments and has 18-items in it with six items measuring one particular component of the commitment.
Scholarship and teaching based on this vision of economics require the academic to walk the fine line between the normative analysis of individual motivation and the positive analysis of economics as an engineering science.
announced that it has received 510(k) clearance on its Normative Database ("NDB") for the RTVue OCT device.
Universal" values: Bioethics does not just make normative claims, it tries to make claims that are universal.