normal values

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nor·mal val·ues

a set of laboratory test values used to characterize apparently healthy people; now replaced by reference values.

chemistry, normal values

the amounts of various substances in the normal human body, determined by testing a large sample of people presumed to be healthy. Normal values are expressed in ranges of numbers, and ranges vary for different age groups and from laboratory to laboratory. For example, a normal concentration of a substance in the blood might be expressed as 5 to 20 mg/dL. Although variations from normal values may be highly significant tools in the diagnoses of certain diseases, in all cases an abnormal result must be cautiously interpreted. See also specific tests.

nor·mal val·ues

(nōr'măl val'yūz)
Outmoded term for a set of laboratory test values used to characterize apparently healthy people; replaced by reference values.

Patient discussion about normal values

Q. what is the normal range for young children for their sugarI tested my grandson the other day with my meter and it read 164?

A. Of course, if you have any suspicions or worries, you may want to consult a doctor (e.g. pediatricain)

Q. My Iron/TIBC tests normal, Ferritin,Serum = 22. Range 22-322. What is the problem? Iron Bind. Cap. ug/dL 324 range 250 - 450 UIBC ug/dL 206 range 150 - 375 Iron, Serum ug/dL 118 range 40 - 155 Iron Saturation % 36 range 15 - 55 Biopsy = Prostate Cancer....PCA high = 10.2 PSA now 8.3 PSA Ultra W/Serial Monitor ...Ultrasenitive = 8.26

A. What makes you think something is not normal? Ferritin values may be low in some people, and iron deficiency is usually defined as ferritin 15. Do you have anemia? Currently, it doesn't seem you have any problem with the iron levels.

Take care,

Q. I would like to compare old cholesterol and today´s cholesterol level. what is the difference? I would greatly appreciate your help in this. A normal value used to be 200 and now it is 4 or 5. Can anybody help.

A. Is it possible that the earlier reference range you have is in mg per deciliter (mg/dL) and the new one is in milimoll per liter (mmol/L)?

200 mg/dL worth roughly 5 mmol/L

And here's a unit conversion site:

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In NME cases, however, the decrease in the export price of the merchandise presumably leads to a corresponding increase in the dumping margin, as the normal value in NME cases is based on unsubsidized prices or costs from a surrogate country and will not decrease as a result of the subsidy.
The normal values (harmonic face) that we used are based on measurements of white individuals living in the United States.
She includes equations and sample problems, clinical vignettes, practice questions, and abbreviations and normal values that are standard to the practice.
67 mg/ dL (normal value<1), low serum iron level (29 [micro]g/dL range for normal values 45-182), normal iron binding capacity (266 [micro]g/dL range 110-370), normal ferritin level 41.
This allows the savvy investors who have the capital and good credit to wisely buy now, while prices are around their lowest, and profit later from a return to normal values when the excess bank inventory in the housing market is sold off over the next couple of years.
At low altitude, peak exercise performance of subjects was significantly above age- and gender-adjusted normal values, indicating superior fitness in these subjects," noted Dr.
Following a 2005 WTO panel report, Commerce announced that it would abandon the use of zeroing in investigations involving comparisons between weighted average export prices (or constructed export prices) and weighted average normal values.
His invesligative research and numerous publications have defined normal values for pulmonary function testing and guidelines for pulmonary labs used around the world.
The user controls definition of test, work list, and normal values.
This publication evolved from notes written when one of the authors was preparing for the American Perioperative Transesophageal Echocardiography exam, with the aim of providing a readily accessible on-the-spot guide for the perioperative echo-cardiographer--including normal values, formulae and obscure normal variants and congenital abnormalities.
Tests are presented in alphabetical order using an easy-to-follow format, with a description of the test, relevant evidence-based practice guidelines, normal values and possible meanings of abnormal values, contributing factors to abnormal values, patient education and preparation, steps of the test/procedure, and posttest care of the patient.
Almost normal values of such constituents were regained by day 30th in experimental animals; whereas in control animals, normal values were not ever attained.