normal human serum

nor·mal hu·man se·rum

sterile serum obtained by pooling approximately equal amounts of the liquid portion of coagulated whole blood from eight or more people who are free from any disease transmissible by transfusion.
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All the diabetic sera inhibited the mRNA expression of the osteogenic differentiation-associated genes relative to their expression in MSCs treated with normal human serum. Sera with higher concentrations HbA1c more effectively reduced the expression of these genes after the MSCs had been cultured for about 21 days (Figure 4(b)).
[12] Normal human serum inhibits the growth of Rhizopus spp., [3] while the sera of uremic patients decrease the inhibitory effects of macrophages on spore germination.
Blood is structures of two parts: liquid transporter appellation plasma and a cellular component include of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets [9].The bactericidal impact of normal human serum functional significant role in steward defense versus bacterial infection.
Quantification of the ADCC Activity of Rituximab in the Presence of Normal Human Serum. Vials of RTU iLite effector cells and vials of RTU [CD20.sup.+] target cells were thawed, and the effector cells and target cells were mixed at an E:T ratio of 3: 1 and incubated for 4 hours in the presence of increasing concentrations of rituximab in either culture medium +10% FBS alone or together with a 1/20 final dilution of a pool of normal human serum (NHS) or sera from individual normal donors prior to the sequential determination of FL and NL activity.
Bicarbonate in normal human serum is found at a level of 20-26 mM which is consistent with our finding that the optimum concentration of bicarbonate germ tube induction was 20 mM.
Venous blood was collected from normal healthy individuals into Becton Dickinson EDTA coated vacutainers and the plasma recalcified to make normal human serum (NHS).
The thorax was triturated with 1 ml plastic mosquito tissue grinders in a solution of 20% acetone-extracted normal human serum in PBS, pH 7.4, 0.05% Tween-20 and 0.02% Na[N.sub.3] in PBS, pH 7.4.
An in vitro study which confirmed antiplatelet activity used a dosage of ginkgolides 100 times the normal human serum level and does not account for human pharmacokinetic metabolism of the phytochemicals.
The reacting IgG antibody in normal human serum recognized the ramified regions (rhamnogalacturonan core with carbohydrate side-chains) of the pharmacologically active pectic polysaccharides as the active sites for complement-activating activity.

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