normal for age

normal for age

Medtalk adjective Referring to a physical characteristic or developmental milestone which is typical for an average person of similar age. See Developmental delay, Red flag.

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Q. What is the normal age women begin noticing symptoms of heart disease?

A. Thanks, these were very helpful!

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NEW ORLEANS -- Finally, someone has developed a nomogram devised just for women that calculates exercise capacity as a percentage of normal for age.
Until now, the only nomogram available for assessing exercise capacity as the percentage of normal for age was based on observations in men.
NEW ORLEANS -- Finally, there is a nomogram for women that calculates their exercise capacity as a percentage of normal for age.
0[degrees]C, blood pressure was normal for age, respiratory rate was 48 breaths per minute, and heart rate was 190 beats per minute.
This collection will be made up of samples from individuals who are cognitively normal for age.