normal curve

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normal curve

A bell-shaped curve which results when a normal distribution of data is graphed.
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normal curve

Epidemiology A bell-shaped curve that results when a normal distribution is graphed. See Normal distribution.
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(kurv) [L. curvus, bent, crooked]
A bend, chart, or graph.

bell curve

Normal distribution.

curve of Carus

See: curve of Carus

characteristic curve

Sensitometric curve.

dental curve

Curve of Spee.

D log E curve

Sensitometric curve.

dose response curve

A graph charting the effect of a specific dose of drug, chemical, or ionizing radiation.

dye-dilution curve

A graph of the disappearance rate of a known amount of injected dye from the circulation; used to measure cardiac function.

epidemic curve

A chart or graph in which the number of new cases of an illness is plotted over time.

Gaussian curve

Normal distribution.

growth curve

A graph of heights and weights, head circumference, and body mass index of infants and children of various ages. A line connecting the data points produces the curve. Usually the changes in height and weight are shown on the same chart. Growth charts are specific for age and gender.

learning curve

The effect of learning or practice on the performance of an intellectual or physical task. The term describes the acquisition of competence with experience, time, and training.

normal curve

Normal distribution.

receiver operating curve

Abbreviation: ROC curve
A plot of the fraction of true positives test results versus the fraction of false positive test results; the sensitivity of a test versus (1-the test specificity).
Synonym: receiver operating characteristic

sensitometric curve

In radiographic film analysis, the curve derived by graphing the exposure to the film versus the film density. Analysis yields information about the contrast, speed, latitude, and maximum and minimum densities of the film or film-screen system. Digital radiography systems exhibit linear curves.
Synonym: characteristic curve; D log E curve; Hurter and Driffield curve

curve of Spee

See: curve of Spee

Stephan curve

See: Stephan curve

survival curve

In radiobiology, a dose response curve.

time-temperature cooling curve

The mathematical relation that plots the physical and chemical behaviors of dental (and other) materials as their temperature decreases over time.
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If C [intersection] H is contained in a rational normal curve D of H, then [h.sup.0](H, [I.sub.Z,H](3)) [less than or equal to] [h.sup.0](H, [I.sub.D,H](3)) = ([sup.7.sub.3]) - 13 and hence [h.sup.1](H, [I.sub.Z,H](3)) [greater than or equal to] d - 13.
where 1/[T.sub.g] and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (i = 1,2) are geodesic torsion of normal curve and normal curvature of parameter curves, respectively.
When combined with the concept of normal curve and the knowledge of particular CBC parameters, such as RDW and red cell indices, histograms become a practical working tool in the initial stage of morphological analysis.
Similar to the scholars working from the disability studies tradition who have influenced our work as teacher educators, these teacher educators reject the fundamental idea that human behavior distributes along the lines of a normal curve (Dudley-Marling & Gum, 2010; Gallagher, 2010).
Normal Curves. For almost two decades, Martin Seligman, past president of the American Psychological Association, has called attention to the "positive' side of the normal curve.
Normal curves in the Minkowski space-time are defined in [5] as the space curves whose position vector (with respect to some chosen origin) always lies in its normal space [T.sup.[perpendicular to]], which represents the orthogonal complement of the tangent vector field of the curve.
Total of 52 patients had normal curve of Spee, 33 patients had deep curve of Spee, 15 patients had flat curve of Spee as shown in Table-2.
For a standard normal curve, the value of p is 2 as z value, estimated for each speed observation, considers mean ([mu]) and standard deviation ([sigma]) for defining the distribution.
A more detailed explanation of normal curve equivalent (NCE) scores is appended.
Possibly the biggest problem with averages is the general assumption that every statistic can be plotted along a normal curve. Some sophisticated users exacerbate this mistake by assuming normal levels of confidence and variation at either tail.
Regression analysis was used to determine if the decision to end intervention could be used to predict (a) student performance-level categories [below basic, basic, proficient, advanced] and (b) student reading achievement on Normal Curve Equivalency (NCE) scores in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.
He covers dimensions and units, analysis methodology, mechanics, electrical circuits, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, data analysis statistics and graphing, mathematical formulas in algebraic geometry, trigonometry, calculus, unit conversions, physical properties of materials, and the standard normal curve. Indices include answers to selected exercises, and Hagen includes boxed information (including solid advice on choosing engineering as a profession) and well-chosen illustrations.