normal antibody

nor·mal an·ti·bod·y

antibodies occurring as a result of immunoglobulin DNA rearrangement and somatic hypermutation rather than in response to stimulation with a specific antigen.
Synonym(s): natural antibody
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natural antibody

An antibody (e.g., anti-A, anti-B blood group antibodies) that is present in the circulation without prior exposure to the cognate antigen.
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nor·mal an·ti·body

(nōr'măl an'ti-bod-ē)
Antibody demonstrable in the serum or plasma of various people or animals not known to have been stimulated by specific antigen, either artificially or as the result of naturally occurring contact.
Synonym(s): natural antibody.
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"There can be celiac sensitivity which presents with normal antibody levels," she says.
Leaving the area of Hashimoto's and going to the general patient (with normal antibody levels without Hashi's), another big issue with iodine supplementation is that the TSH may go up, which is then interpreted by the family physician as a sign of hypothyroidism.
All the babies received their routine vaccinations at two, four, six, and eight months and all developed normal antibody levels.
Upon vaccinating the mice, the researchers observed that the animals were unable to mount a normal antibody response to the pathogen.
Our data suggest that DTaP can interfere with the normal antibody avidity maturation that occurs after priming with Hib vaccine.
The scientists created the new molecule, called GE2, by fusing together snippets of two normal antibody proteins.