A psychometric property of a standardized test that compares a person's performance with those of the general population.
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'Standardisation of the Parent Report of Children's Abilities-Revised (PARCA-R): a norm-referenced assessment of cognitive and language development at age 2 years' is published in The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, DOI: 10.1016/S2352-4642(19)30189-0
A psychologist employs several methods for assessment such as an interview, observation, standardized norm-referenced tests and relevant information tools.
'Fourth, decisions and recommendations are derived from psychological assessments that use a combination of methods, such as interview, observation, standardized norm-referenced tests, and relevant informal tools.
These are norm-referenced tests.Alternatively, Dr Matiang'i's testing may be based on standards.
The raw score was converted to a norm-referenced standard score.
Many of the students served by the Center have been labeled as "deficient" and "at risk" through their performance on norm-referenced assessments--standardized tests which are currently in use in student support services throughout the US.
Types of measurement frameworks (criterion-referenced and norm-referenced), use of latent variables, identifying empirical indicators of latent variables, using qualitative research methods to identify empirical indicators and developing the instrument are some of the topics in this chapter.
Despite considerable progress advancing toward standards-based assessments, many medical educators remain heavily influenced by the long history of norm-referenced examinations and "normative thinking" in medical education.
To enroll a tax credit scholarship student, private schools would have to be accredited and annually administer a national norm-referenced standardized exam.
The norm-referenced standard setting method is used to identify certain number of best examinee from the group.