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1. a fixed ideal or standard.
2. in particular, any of the rules by which human behavior is evaluated and which provide direction for achieving the values of a culture; the norms for a culture are usually learned in childhood.
norm referenced test a standardized test that has been carefully developed and has extensive reliability and validity data available.


1. The usual value.
2. The desirable value or behavior.


(norm) a fixed or ideal standard.


Etymology: L, norma, rule
1 a measure of a phenomenon generally accepted as the ideal standard performance against which other measures of the phenomenon may be measured.
2 abbreviation for normal.


1. The usual value.
2. The desirable value or behavior.


n 1. a statistical unit representative of the human species as a whole.
n 2. the numerical or statistical measures of the usual observed performance when related to health care provided to a given number of patients over time; often used in the building of profiles; can be the average or median or some other cutoff point in a series.


a fixed or ideal standard.

Patient discussion about norm

Q. i dont feel normal..

A. I think everyone puts too much emphasis on the term "normal". Everyone has a different normal... What is normal for me is not going to be normal for anyone else. I think it is so important for everyone to refrain from comparing themselves to others... One will never feel normal when comparing oneself to others.

If you are feeling less than normal for YOUR normal, I am sorry to hear that you are feeling that way. Try to remember everything is impermanant and this feeling will pass. You are perfectly you!

Q. can you maintain a normal life with bipolar? I saw a movie about a man who has it and I was wondering how do people who have it manage their lives.

A. Everyone has ups and downs wether or not you have bipolar disorder. A person needs to experience a variety of moods to experience life. Different situations call for a different mood/reaction. The goal is never to eliminate a person with bipolar disorders moods, the goal is to stabilize those moods so they do not become the extream moods that a person with bipolar will experience. It is natural to cry, laugh, get angry, get frusterated etc... Treatment is to stabilize those moods so they dont escillate to suicide, excessive spending, jail etc...

Q. what is a blood test called methymalonate for and what is normal reading loss of weight no appitate copd patient

A. It's a blood test used, with homocysteine, to evaluate deficiency of vitamin B12 and folic acid, especially when interpretations of blood tests of these vitamins are borderline or problematic.

The normal range is 70 to 270 nmol/L. However, the interpretation of blood test is more complex than simple range, so if you have any questions or concerns about this subject you may want to consult a doctor.

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