Pertaining to the action of norepinephrine or to neural or metabolic pathways in which it functions as a transmitter.
[norepinephrine + G. ergon, work]
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Additionally, the authors proposed that, based on the findings, methanolic extract of Asparagus racemosus probably attenuates anxiety behaviour through modulation of the amygdalar serotonergic and norepinephrinergic systems.
Multiple neural pathways have been implicated in the development of ADHD including the dopaminergic, norepinephrinergic, serotonergic, and cholinergic pathways.
This state can become clinically apparent from the presence of withdrawal signs, and may be the consequence of a hyperfunction of glutamatergic, norepinephrinergic and calcium channels, as well as hypofunction of GABAergic neurotransmission.
Different types of norepinephrinergic receptors are involved in preoptic area mediated independent modulation of sleep-wakefulness and body temperature.