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Our findings would be rewarding for understanding the role of TEN on modulating the response of CNS such as nootropic and neuroprotective effects.
Examining the Nootropic Effects of a special extract of Bacopa monniera on Human Cognitive Functioning: 90 day Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Randomized Trial.
Calcitriol has nootropic properties--that is, it protects brain tissue by reducing inflammatory cytokine levels which, when elevated, are strongly associated with cognitive impairment.
Dhawan, "Neuropsychopharmacological Effects of the Ayurvedic Nootropic Bacopa monniera Linn.
02 - R dominicus * Podilymbus Pied-billed Grebe PR podiceps Phalacrocorax Nootropic Cormorant SR 0.
Nootropic drugs and brain cholinergic mechanics, Prog.
Pharmaceutical companies are using human genomic data in their race to meet the growing demand for nootropic therapies.
Smart drugs are compounds that have what we call a nootropic effect, meaning that they support the normal function of the nervous system primarily by increasing cognitive clarity, mental acuity, verbal skill, and so forth.
In addition, the descriptor of spatial complexity ([omega]) itself has proven to be a quite sensitive indicator of GFSBs "shifts" caused by psychotropic or nootropic drugs (Kondakor et al.
By blocking the natural destruction of the neurotransmitter, huperzine A and other less active, but similarly acting, nootropic agents empower the lower amounts of acetylcholine in diseased brains to work overtime, Kozikowski told SCIENCE NEWS.