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An Environment Ministry study has found that nonyl phenol, an organic chemical used in making cleaning products, disrupts the endocrine system of ''medaka'' killifish, leading males of the species to assume female reproductive traits, according to findings released Friday.
The scientists placed small quantities of formic acid, iron sulfide, and nonyl thiol--a long hydrocarbon chain that ends with a hydrogen-sulfur group--in a welded gold tube and heated the mixture to 250 [degrees] C at elevated pressures for 6 hours.
Hormone-disrupting chemicals, such as nonyl phenol, have recently drawn attention for their possible disruption of the reproductive abilities of animals and humans.
4-1 Supply and consumption of alkyl phenol in China, counted by nonyl phenol
New Report Added in ResearchMoz Reports Database China Sporting Goods, Cumene and Nonyl Phenol Markets - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, and Forecast
2[infinity]] H600 pentaerythritol esters of fatty acids H707 pentaerythritol esters of fatty acids HNUP heptyl nonyl undecyl phthalate HNUP heptyl nonyl undecyl phthalate [k.
In 2008 Inoterra surfactant systems were launched as an alternative to nonyl phenol ethoxylates (NPE's) in North America.
May be made water soluble via emulsification using surfactants such as sodium dodecylbenzene-sulfonate (anionic), ethoxylated nonyl phenol (non-anionic) or cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride (cationic).
The statements made in this paper can also be transferred to nonyl phenol acrylates, phenoxy acrylates and neopentyl glycol acrylates or their alkoxy variants.
EMPL produces oleochemical derivatives namely natural fatty alcohol ethoxylates and nonyl phenol ethoxylates with an annual capacity of 20,000 tons.
Nonyl phenol, one of the 11 tested chemicals, was detected at 99, or 76%, of the tested locations.
Carcinogenic dioxins, emitted when plastic and other chemical products are burned at low temperatures, are easily absorbed by the human body, while hormone-disrupting chemicals, such as nonyl phenol, allegedly disrupt the reproductive systems of animals and humans.