nonverbal learning disorder

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non·ver·bal learning disorder

n. Abbr. NLD
A neurological disorder of the right cerebral hemisphere in which the processing of nonverbal and visual-spatial information is impaired, leading to deficits in balance and coordination, pattern recognition, mathematical ability, and visual memory.
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Knowing Yourself, Knowing Others: A Workbook for Children with Asperger's Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, and Other Social-Skill Problems.
In addition to being a mother of a NLD child, Whitney also has co-founded the Nonverbal Learning Disorder Association.
The acquisition of this knowledge will enable school psychologists, teachers, parents, and clinicians to understand the characteristics of a child with a nonverbal learning disorder, identify these children earlier, and initiate effective remedial programs.
1), (2) Some learning disorders affect a person's ability to read, write, or do math, whereas less - recognized nonverbal learning disorder (NLD) impacts the social and emotional functioning of children, adolescents, and adults.
Over the past 10 years, I have been impressed with the number of patients with BPD whose nonverbal learning disorders and auditory and visual processing disorders have gone undiagnosed.
27) The National Center for Learning Disabilities has pertinent information available on nonverbal learning disorders and the other learning disabilities.
The city of Leominster and surrounding communities are very fortunate to have this therapeutic and educational program available, with such talented staff, to reach out to students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Asperger syndrome and other related nonverbal learning disorders.
Raising NLD superstars; what families with nonverbal learning disorders need to know about nurturing confident, competent kids.