nonulcerative blepharitis

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inflammation of the glands and lash follicles along the margin of the eyelids; symptoms include itching, burning, photophobia, mucous discharge, crusted eyelids, and loss of eyelashes. Warm saline compresses may be used to soften secretions, and the eyelids are cleansed thoroughly. Exudate and scales should be removed by stroking downward and sideways. Antibiotic salve or eyedrops are administered as prescribed; in some cases systemic antibiotic therapy is indicated.
angular blepharitis inflammation involving the outer angle of the eyelids.
nonulcerative blepharitis (squamous blepharitis) that in which the edge of the eyelid is covered with small white or gray scales.
ulcerative blepharitis that marked by small ulcerated areas along the eyelid margin, multiple suppurative lesions, and loss of lashes.
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