nonsurgical periodontal therapy

non·sur·gi·cal per·i·o·don·tal ther·a·py

(non-sŭrji-kăl perē-ō-dontăl thāră-pē)
Dental biofilm removal and control, supragingival and subgingival scaling, root planing, and adjunctive treatments such as use of pharmacotherapy; basic objectives are to restore periodontal health, arrest or slow progression of early periodontal disease, or, for patients with more advanced disease, to prepare tissues for further and more complex periodontal therapy.
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Dental Professionals utilizes the latest dental technology and provide a full range of dental services including: tooth restoration, dental implants, nonsurgical periodontal therapy, digital X-rays, tooth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and CEREC dental services that define modern dentistry.
In 2013, the student outreach dental clinic began to allow second-year dental students to provide nonsurgical periodontal therapy as well.
The clinical and microbiological effects of nonsurgical periodontal therapy in smokers and nonsmokers.
Perno is an international consultant, author and speaker on issues including gender-based medicine and women's health and wellness, the oral/systemic link, nonsurgical periodontal therapy, local delivery of antimicrobials, and immunology and periodontal diseases.
She has conducted research to assess the ftasibility of dental hygienists performing chairside HbAlc and risk factor screenings and providing related education and reftrrals for undiagnosed diabetes during nonsurgical periodontal therapy and maintenance appointments.
The study examined the impact of nonsurgical periodontal therapy on over 500 subjects with both type 2 diabetes and moderate to advanced chronic periodontitis.
tool instrument pick explorer the hook scaler deep cleaning nonsurgical periodontal therapy or NSPT plaque biofilm tartar buildup calculus plastic coating pit and fissure sealant or sealant
Maria Perno Goldie, RDH, MS, president, International Federation of Dental Hygienists, described her excitement about these new research findings as they apply to dental hygiene practice and nonsurgical periodontal therapy.
The most difficult and critical nonsurgical periodontal therapy is root debridement involving scaling and root planing.
This column represents the first part of a two-part feature on ultrasonic instrumentation and its application to nonsurgical periodontal therapy.
Early diagnosis and nonsurgical periodontal therapy are important in controlling periodontal disease progression, preventing further attachment loss and improving oral health-related quality of life.
Nonsurgical periodontal therapy provided during initial therapy begins with the development of a dental hygiene treatment plan for patients based on information collected during the examination.