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[64] also confirmed that the EMT transcription factor ZEB1 can mediate nondry basallike breast cancer cell (CD44low) to stem cell state transition (CD44high) and also found that the EMT inducer TGF-beta can effectively promote basal nonstem cells in stem-like breast cancer cells which are transformed into stem cells.
In the present study, we performed a RCT using two AAPBSC groups (one with and one without IA hG-CSF; double blinded between the groups) and compared their outcome with that of a nonstem cell group that only received HA (open between the AAPBSC groups and the nonstem cell control group).
Recently, it has been reported that miR-29a expression is reduced in [CD133.sup.+] GSCs in comparison with that of CD133- nonstem cells. MiR-29a negatively regulates the expression of Quaking gene isoform 6 (QKI-6) by binding to its 3'-UTR.