nonspecific effects

nonspecific effects, outcome other than predicted or caused by the treatment being employed. See also nocebo and placebo.
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Several studies have demonstrated remarkably beneficial nonspecific effects from the measles vaccine that would not be expected simply from preventing measles.
These changes are considered to be a manifestation of the epithelium response to the negative nonspecific effects of hypertonic solution of sodium chloride, allowing us to speak of its negative effect on the jejunum walls.
For many years, most investigators thought that alcohol exerted nonspecific effects on the brain and simply perturbed neuronal function by dissolving in the membranes of nerve cells.
This should rule out nonspecific effects of components in the media, since undiluted or lower dilutions of the media were shown to give false positive results (23).
This suggests "there may be nonspecific effects of propranolol - which does not support the theory of reconsolidation blockade," Dr.
This is done in a manner distinctly different from the nonspecific effects of placebo and suggestion, although hypnosis may also draw on those nonspecific influences, as do all psychotherapeutic modalities.
Nutrients exert subtle, nonspecific effects on multiple physiologic pathways, rather than strong effects on a relatively small number of pathways, which is how pharmaceuticals work, Jeffrey Bland, Ph.
1) In some instances, siRNA also can have nonspecific effects that are not induced by its interaction with the specific target mRNA.
High concentrations of surfactants may lead to direct loss of passively adsorbed antibody from the solid phase, among other nonspecific effects (12-13).
This approach, called CrossValidation, is designed to exclude artifacts and nonspecific effects that could arise if either technology were applied alone.
Although RNAi experiments rely on high target specificity, nonspecific effects can and do occur.
But it is difficult, he adds, to control for nonspecific effects, such as patient expectations, in light treatment studies.

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