nonspecific binding

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nonspecific binding (NSB)

in ligand binding assay, the part of a tracer used in a competitive-binding assay that is found in the bound fraction, independent of the binding reaction.
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irradians, secondary-only and untreated controls revealed little nonspecific binding of secondary antibodies and low levels of autofluorescence.
The FITC-labeled original library was used as a negative control to determine nonspecific binding.
18) Other factors that would be useful to address before A[beta] can be optimally integrated is the nonspecific binding of radiotracers to white matter, which diverges from results of immunohistochemical tests, and the lack of partial volume correction by many groups, leading to underestimated standardized uptake-value data in the literature.
Thus, the specific biding causes significantly larger frequency change (~20kHz for 10ng/ml) than the nonspecific binding (0.
Data were fit to a one-site plus nonspecific binding equation; data points represent means of at least three experiments (Table 1); error bars indicate SDs.
The major issues with these monolayer models are that the physicochemical properties of the compound can affect the results (for example, permeability and nonspecific binding of the test compound) and it is necessary to fully understand the behaviour of the drug in a cellular system to interpret the data meaningfully.
Investigation of Nonspecific Binding of Cogiugates, Para Influenza and Influenza A to Immunosorbents
This minimizes nonspecific binding, allows for a single protein or peptide to interact with a single IMAC site, and results in high efficiency and resolution for analytical separations.
2] per 10 inch module; and the company's polyethersulfone (PES) membrane that ensures excellent chemical compatibility and low nonspecific binding to extend service life.
If a specific antibody probe is to be applied, the matrix should first be incubated with a blocking agent to saturate all remaining protein binding sites, which will prevent the nonspecific binding of the protein/antibody probe.