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Given the low tendency for nonspecific signals experienced in the optimization, we suggest that although these additional signals could result from a nonspecific binding of serum proteins, it is also appears possible that the rapid procedure of the presented assay does not allow much time for dissociation of affinity binder complexes.
18) Other factors that would be useful to address before A[beta] can be optimally integrated is the nonspecific binding of radiotracers to white matter, which diverges from results of immunohistochemical tests, and the lack of partial volume correction by many groups, leading to underestimated standardized uptake-value data in the literature.
Data were fit to a one-site plus nonspecific binding equation; data points represent means of at least three experiments (Table 1); error bars indicate SDs.
The major issues with these monolayer models are that the physicochemical properties of the compound can affect the results (for example, permeability and nonspecific binding of the test compound) and it is necessary to fully understand the behaviour of the drug in a cellular system to interpret the data meaningfully.
Nonspecific binding of the conjugate molecules (IgG with HPR) and both viruses analyte to the solid surface of the immunosorbent was a critical factor affecting the sensitivity and detection limit of the immunoassay because it was the major obstacle in decreasing the lower detection limit and increasing the selectivity.
In addition, the use of a zero calibrator eliminates the effects of nonspecific binding, thus reducing false positives that are often common with other methodologies.
BSA prevents nonspecific binding, by other protein typically in high concentrations, to the bare reference channel surface.
Walter Blattler, ImmunoGen's vice president of research, notes that "Historically, to prevent nonspecific binding of the B-chain, immunotoxins have been comprised of monoclonal antibodies linked either to ricin A-chain or to similar, single-chain toxins.
StabilCoat Plus and StabilGuard Choice Stabilizers improve the stability of proteins bound to microspheres in solution or suspension, protect the activity of proteins while blocking nonspecific binding sites, and prevent microsphere aggregation even after long-term storage.
Therefore, nonspecific binding of interfering substances is greatly reduced.
We determined nonspecific binding using a 1,000-fold excess of unlabeled ligands resulting in clear specific binding for testosterone and estradiol.
where Sc is the specific binding of control; Ss the specific binding of sample; Tc the total binding of control; Ts the total binding of sample; Nc the nonspecific binding of control; and Ns the nonspecific binding of sample.