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Not subject to saponification; for example, triacylglycerols are saponifiable but cholesterol is nonsaponifiable.
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14]C] acetate incorporated into fatty acids plus nonsaponifiable and total hepatic lipids of the mice.
Another aliquot was used for measuring the radioactivity incorporated into total liver lipids and into the nonsaponifiable fraction plus the fatty acids resulting from a previous saponification reaction with 10% (w/v) KOH in methanol at 85[degrees]C for 45 min.
When the incorporation of [14C]acetate into total lipids, fatty acids, and nonsaponifiable lipids was investigated, low doses of G (25 mmolG/kg chow) did not significantly decrease the radiolabelling in the total lipids, but at 50 or 75 mmol G/kg chow, a diminution in incorporation became progressively significant.
In such medium, the performance of coatings is mainly dependent on the type of binder, which should be nonsaponifiable of withstand such condition.
NutriLayer (INCI: Oryza saliva bran butter) is a nonsaponifiable fraction extracted from non-genetically modified organic rice and is not chemically altered.
The Wisconsin workers found that when cod-liver oil is saponified, the vitamin remains in the nonsaponifiable fraction; therefore, it is a sterol.
NP-10, NP-25, CB-4-34, X-743 and aromatic oil 745 plasticizers are aromatic, chemically inert, and nonsaponifiable.
The neutral lipophilic nonsaponifiable substances were eluted with n-heptane (Gebhardt, 1993; Aufenanger et al.
Company's NP-10, NP-25, CB-4-34, X-743 and aromatic oil 745 plasticizers are all aromatic, chemically inert, and nonsaponifiable.