Failure of normal rotation.


(nŏn″rō-tā′shŭn) [″ + rotare, to turn]
Failure of a part or organ to rotate, esp. during embryological development.

nonrotation of the intestine

In embryonic development, failure of the gut to turn to its normal position, often reversing the location of the right and left sides of the bowel, changing the relationship of the superior mesenteric vessels, and leading to other anomalies, including polysplenia and/or aplasia of the uncinate process of the pancreas.
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Further research is needed to investigate the relationship between hip internal rotation and low back pain in athletes participating in nonrotation sports.
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A number of anomalies can occur when these rotations do not occur normally, including nonrotation, a spectrum of malrotation, and reverse rotation.
An important clue to the presence of a midgut malrotation or nonrotation is the reversal of the normal relative positions of the superior mesenteric vein (SMV) and artery, first described by Nichols and Li as the "SMV rotation sign.
The urban development sector was also put in the dock for nonrotation of officials in Delhi Development Authority ( DDA) and Municipal Corporation of Delhi ( MCD).
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Due to either a conscious or an unconscious bias, auditors in a nonrotation condition were more likely to agree with the client on a questionable accounting issue than were auditors in the last year of a rotation situation.
The remaining lead-exposed subgroup (Group PB-NR) and the remaining water-exposed subgroup (Group W-NR) served as nonrotation controls.
Tod Ensign of Citizen Soldier sees the Pentagon's fear of troop defections behind several highly publicized strategic decisions, including the nonrotation of troops stationed in Saudi Arabia.