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The cyst wall consists of an inner nucleated germinative layer and an outer nonnucleated proteinaceous layer, which is laminated.
In our experiment, we tested cast films 0.1 mm thick, prepared from melt-compounded blends of HALS-stabilized, nonnucleated propylene homopolymer (HPP) and additive-free ethylene plastomer.
Some keshi (small irregular-shaped nacreous but nonnucleated pearls that form during the culture time after nuclei have been rejected) could also be harvested, but not graded.
We found that [t.sub.1/2] decreased from 26 min for the nonnucleated iPP to 3.4 and 1.8 min for the samples with [d.sub.L] and [d.sub.S] particles, respectively.
(54) He describes a method for removing mitochondrial DNA and replacing it with the mitochondria from platelets, creating a combination of nucleated and nonnucleated cells called cybrids.
In specimens containing high numbers of nonnucleated cells, e.g., blood or red bone marrow, stabilization may be preceded by a selective lysis of erythrocytes and followed by recovery of the nucleated cells through centrifugation at low speed.
Lustiger (25) recently reported that various sorbitol-based additives in metallocene PE resulted in films with higher stiffness along both MD and TD, or reduced/increased stiffness along MD/TD, or the same stiffness as for the nonnucleated polymer.
As these mtDNA-reconstituted cells were cytoplasmic hybrids (arising through a combination of nucleated and nonnucleated cell preparations), (128) they met criteria for a previously created term, cybrids.
Platelets are small (2-[micro]m-diameter), nonnucleated blood cells produced in the bone marrow from megakaryocytes.
Comparing the variation rate of the [X.sub.t] of the nucleated and nonnucleated POM at 424 K, it can be found that the crystallization time of nucleated POM is much shorter than that of non-nucleated POM, indicating that the addition of the nucleating agent attapulgite accelerates the whole crystallization process because the grooves of attapulgite offer nucleation sites for POM.