nonnewtonian fluid

non·new·to·ni·an flu·id

a fluid in which flow and rate of shear are not always proportional to the applied stress; does not obey Poiseuille law. As in anomalous viscosity; Fahraeus-Lindqvist effect; Bingham plastic. Compare: newtonian fluid.
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On the other hand, a laminar model was used in the membrane as the activated sludge was simulated as a nonNewtonian fluid (changes in properties due to TSS concentration and temperature were also considered).
Compact and lightweight, the portable field falling needle viscometer can be taken anywhere to check the viscosity of even nonNewtonian fluids.
Although a large number of constitutive equations have been developed to describe the behaviour of nonNewtonian fluids, the most frequently used model in non-Newtonian fluid mechanics and heat transfer is the Ostwald-de Waele type power-law model [12].