n the extent of spinal positioning in the sagittal plane wherein the second principle of physiologic motion is relevant.
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growth, heat stress response) would enable future studies to examine the difference in genetic diversity measured using neutral and nonneutral genetic markers (e.
In other words, nonneutral constitutions are not aberrations--they are the logical outcome of most instances where constitutional politics is played out by real human persons (instead of by veiled clones).
The re-ordering was not random and had nonneutral effects on cognizable groups,'' they wrote in their motion.
While few, if any, would defend the most unfair arbitration clauses in which companies impose nonneutral arbitrators or greatly limit possible recoveries, some contend that fair binding arbitration is better for claimants than the alternative of litigation.
Sunderland, MA, USA]; rescaled consistency index <1) indicative of nonneutral evolution, recombination, or ambiguous SNP calls.
However, Evans notes that if (i) the demand for labor exhibits a nonneutral change and (ii) there is simultaneously a correlation across sectors between the elasticities of labor demand with respect to aggregate output and the net unemployment rates, then the index of sectoral imbalance can exhibit a cyclical pattern.
Inferring nonneutral evolution from human-chimp-mouse orthologous gene trios.
Using the terminology early coined in this literature, exchange rate regimes are nonneutral to short-term real exchange rate volatility.
Second, not only is the design of the tool biased, but the use of the tool is also nonneutral.
Even for a person to frame a thought, communication involves dialogue, beginning with self-understanding and requiring a nonneutral medium--how people express ideas shapes their ideas.
Punnett L, Fine LJ, Keyserling WM, Herrin GD and Chaffin DB (1991) Back disorders and nonneutral trunk postures of automobile assembly workers.