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Not neoplastic.

brain tumor

Neurology A neoplasm affecting the brain which may be 1º–brain or meninges, or 2º–ie metastatic to the brain; malignant gliomas account for 2.5% of all cancer-related deaths; BTs are the 3rd most common CA in ages 15-34; 35,000 BTs occur/yr–US; 1st-degree relatives of children with brain tumors have a 5-fold ↑ in the risk of CNS tumors, leukemia, and other childhood tumors in the affected family Clinical Seizures, vision or hearing loss, hemiparesis, double vision, headache, weird behavior, N&V, memory loss Imaging MRI without and with contrast, CT Management Surgery, gamma knife radiotherapy are often effective; chemotherapy, immunotherapy are not. See Gamma knife.
Brain tumors/masses
Craniopharyngioma, colloid cysts
Meningioma, pituitary adenoma, acoustic neuroma, epidermoid tumors, choroid plexus papilloma
Primary–low grade
Pilocytic astrocytoma, astrocytoma, hemangioblastoma, oligodendroglioma, ganglioglioma
Anaplastic astrocytoma, glioblastoma multiforme, ependymoma, lymphoma, medulloblastoma, primitive neuroectodermal tumor, germ cell tumor, pineal cell tumor, chordoma, choroid plexus carcinoma
Carcinoma, meningeal carcinomatosis
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A group of pathologists at Northwestern University (Chicago, Illinois) later looked at the apomucin and molecular phenotypes of 15 "mucinous nonneoplastic cysts.
Results: There were 264 (95%) nonneoplastic GBPs and 14 (5%) neoplastic GBPs.
Of note, moderate to strong VEGF immunoexpression was observed in almost 40% of the nonneoplastic samples.
Furthermore, the intrasubject comparison of nonneoplastic epidermis adjacent to BCC and lesional BCC skin demonstrated a higher expression of 8-oxo-dGuo and a lower expression of hOGG1 in BCC tissues compared with the adjacent epidermis.
Stein, "Benign neoplastic and nonneoplastic destructive lesions in the long bones of the hand," Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics, vol.
8 It is also very important to differentiate between functional ovarian cysts and nonneoplastic ovarian masses for proper treatment.
For decades, pathologists have diagnosed nonneoplastic lesions and other tissue findings by matching what they see under the microscope with a picture in a textbook or journal.
For instance, the differential diagnosis between nonneoplastic proliferative disorders (NNPD) and benign mesenchymal tumors, and between leukoplakia and squamous cell carcinoma, often poses challenging situations, requiring prior knowledge of demographic characteristics associated with the occurrence of lesions in order to establish a clinical differential diagnosis.
In this category conditions inducing nonneoplastic lymphadenopathy, which may have been overlooked, including infections, connective tissue disease and drug-related reactions may be relevant.
1997) found a relationship between disseminated neoplasm and the gonadal cycle of Crassostrea virginica, where diseased oysters had measurable gonads but their gonadal indices were generally below the mean for nonneoplastic individuals.
On pathologic examination, 7 were benign, 2 were nonneoplastic masses, and 9 were malignant neoplasm.