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an object having polarity (oppositely charged ends) and capable of attracting iron.


The property of mutual attraction or repulsion possessed by magnets.


(mag'ne-tizm) [Gr. magnes, magnet, + -ismos, condition]
The property of repulsion and attraction of certain substances that have magnetic properties.
See: magnet


magnetic attraction or repulsion.

Patient discussion about magnetism

Q. who much cost the resonance magnetic machine? new or used

A. here is a company that you can even get a MRI scanner in a leasing program:

Q. hey guys! has anyone ever tried a chinese magnet to help a diet?? Somwone I know who is a chinse medicine healer, gave me a special magnet you stick to the right thumb of your hand to help evoid snack attacks. Did you ever hear anything about it?? did iot help anyone??

A. i tried magnets. not to dieting but magnets to the feet. supposed to help in giving energy while walking (i hike a lot). couldn't say i felt a big difference, but i only tried it for a day- so i don't know...

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It is true that AME's sensitive material must be separated from the read heads by a nonmagnetic carbon layer.
In addition, it has a pleasing color, is nonmagnetic and takes a variety of finishes.
The seeming ability to defy gravity is what delights most people, but the demonstration also highlights a more subtle idea that is often overlooked in everyday life--that many objects considered nonmagnetic do, in fact, possess magnetic properties.
Fujitsu's Synthetic Ferrimagnetic media (SFM) employ alternating layers of magnetic and nonmagnetic materials that result in improved thermal stability.
And since they're nonmagnetic, data can't be erased accidentally.
Scientists believe that the effect results from charge "scattering" at the interface between magnetic and nonmagnetic surfaces in multilayered materials, but they do not fully understand the phenomenon.
But previous attempts to detect ferromagnetism in clusters of normally nonmagnetic metals had failed.
You simply turn on a magnetic field and you've got yourself a magnetic material; turn off the field and it's nonmagnetic," says physicist Michael J.
They succeeded in making these antiparallel materials by alternating very thin, nonmagnetic spacing layers between thin layers of magnetic material.
The third species, which congregates in mulberry-like colonies, uses a puzzling combination of two mineral types -- greigite and nonmagnetic pyrite ([FeS.
Also, the material is clearly a metal and it's nonmagnetic, so it ought to have a superconducting-transition temperature,' says Ven Vechten.