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an object having polarity (oppositely charged ends) and capable of attracting iron.
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The property of mutual attraction or repulsion possessed by magnets.
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(mag'ne-tizm) [Gr. magnes, magnet, + -ismos, condition]
The property of repulsion and attraction of certain substances that have magnetic properties.
See: magnet
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Patient discussion about magnetism

Q. who much cost the resonance magnetic machine? new or used

A. here is a company that you can even get a MRI scanner in a leasing program:

Q. hey guys! has anyone ever tried a chinese magnet to help a diet?? Somwone I know who is a chinse medicine healer, gave me a special magnet you stick to the right thumb of your hand to help evoid snack attacks. Did you ever hear anything about it?? did iot help anyone??

A. i tried magnets. not to dieting but magnets to the feet. supposed to help in giving energy while walking (i hike a lot). couldn't say i felt a big difference, but i only tried it for a day- so i don't know...

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(7) of the insoluble protein content in the leaves of Guinea grass plant indicated no significant differences between irrigating the plant with magnetic or nonmagnetic sea water as regard to the insoluble protein content in the leaves, but this protein content was significantly increased with increasing sea water level (LSD = 1.0679) compared to the control fresh water until 30% sea water content , and then it reduced progressively with increasing sea water levels to reach 0.00mg/g at 60%.
According to the police officials, however, in the absence of such permission, the suspects exported 2,300 nonmagnetic valves to a trading firm in North Korea via Niigata port along the Japan Sea coast between late March and early October in 1996.
In the researchers' experiments, cobalt nanopartides anchored in a ferromagnetic matrix held their magnetic information up to 17[degrees]C--nearly room temperature--while those in an ordinary, nonmagnetic matrix lost their orientations above the chilly temperature of-263[degrees]C.
MP media is manufactured by double-coating a thick nonmagnetic underlayer and an extremely thin magnetic outerlayer, resulting in a thin and smooth recording layer which is covered with tiny magnetic metal particles.
uniform feed to the reclaimer; - all magnetic and nonmagnetic metals,
Since the early 1980s, scientists have used other types of microscopes to observe atoms by nonmagnetic means--but just on samples' surfaces.
In addition, it has a pleasing color, is nonmagnetic and takes a variety of finishes.
Hideo Ohno of Tohoku University in Sendai and his colleagues created a nonmagnetic compound of indium and arsenic.
The seeming ability to defy gravity is what delights most people, but the demonstration also highlights a more subtle idea that is often overlooked in everyday life--that many objects considered nonmagnetic do, in fact, possess magnetic properties.
And since they're nonmagnetic, data can't be erased accidentally.
Scientists believe that the effect results from charge "scattering" at the interface between magnetic and nonmagnetic surfaces in multilayered materials, but they do not fully understand the phenomenon.