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adj having no specific space or time boundaries. A characteristic of prayer and healing intention.
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However, in the literature a number of continuum mechanics based plate models are available for describing nonlocal elasticity theory.
Vibration analysis of MLGSs embedded in polymer matrix was investigated by Pradhan and Phadikar [7] using nonlocal continuum mechanics.
northern and southern China), local emissions predominantly contributed to BC concentrations, while nonlocal emissions more strongly influenced BC over central and western China, which have lower emissions.
Other experiments were set up over entire campuses, with similar conclusions, all with excellent results (Hensen, 2015) revealing a nonlocal affect.
We need to estimate the Data local, nonlocal map tasks for each worker node.
On the one hand, we have already pointed out that, although for pure states entanglement and nonlocality are equivalent, (in the sense that every entangled state is nonlocal and vice versa) this is not the case for general mixed states.
Spatial filters are usually categorized as local and nonlocal filters.
Some global existence and nonexistence of the classical solution to degenerate parabolic equations were established in [8], and then Du and his colleagues gave the sufficient conditions to the degenerate parabolic system with nonlinear nonlocal sources in [9-11], with nonlinear localized sources in [10], and with nonlinear memory terms in [12].
12] used a nonlocal estimator to reconstruct high-resolution MRI using a single low-resolution dataset.
The algorithm of nonlocal means (NLM) filtering was proposed by Buades et al.
Two main methods for analysing de re readings of definite descriptions in intensional contexts coexist: that of evaluating the description in the actual world, whether by means of scope, actuality operators, or nonlocal world binding, and that of substituting another description, usually one expressing a salient or "vivid" acquaintance relation to an attitude holder, prior to evaluation.
Next I look at the tendency to sell loans, and finally I look at the correlation between foreclosures and local and nonlocal loans.