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Nonlinear systems and their control can be found in many areas, for example using nonlinear model predictive control in automotive industry [6], receding horizon control of vehicle formation [16], stochastic nonlinear model predictive control in film deposition [2], nonlinear PI control of wind turbine [14], neural network for model predictive control of continuous reactor [23], nonlinear model predictive control of robot manipulator [18], steam valve control of multi- machine power systems [1], or controlling galloping vibrations [4], nonlinear control of boost converter [19], adaptive control of nonlinear finance system [5], to name some.
If a nonlinear component is connected to the line not as a termination, as a result, the output from the nonlinear component will influence the response of the next component.
agrees that it's too early for hormesis or other nonlinear low dose-effects data to be "practically relevant" for altering regulatory or health policy.
Stoker, Nonlinear vibrations, Interscience, New York, 1950.
Business managers deal with nonlinear systems all the time.
Chapter 1 is an introduction, which briefly reviews some features of linear models and introduces some specific nonlinear univariate models.
Presents simulation and modeling techniques for nonlinear distortion in wireless channels using MATLAB?
The elements of the equivalent stiffness matrix are obtained by minimizing the cost functional defined as an error between the numerical solution of the nonlinear system and the linear system solution i.
They have found a new kind of dye--a specialized, nonlinear material used in lasers and optical communication--that appears to violate the traditional rules of optical physics.
Topics will include advances in new high performance polymers, polymers for electronic applications, electrically conducting polymers, nonlinear optics, silicon- and zirconium-containing polymers, and polymers derived from biological media.
The HP microwave nonlinear-circuit simulator program has been designed to predict the response of moderate to strongly nonlinear high-frequency circuits.